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Three Owls Market is named for a childhood bedtime story my father invented, which followed three owls (whose names we will keep anonymous to protect their privacy) in their nightly quest for worldwide adventure and great food, reflected in the far flung inspirations on our menu.

Three Owls Market is an ode to my favorite food spaces: small-town gourmet specialty shops, New York delis, and every food market I've ever perused around the globe. What all of these have in common is a sense of place, a sense of community, and an abundant display of food made with care. In Three Owls, we're piecing together all these elements, plus a bit more. It's a place to dine in, take out, or stock up; drink, eat, and linger; or grab something genuinely delicious and be in and out in a New York Minute. Welcome! We're happy you're here.  

- Suzanne